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Coastal 150/Coastal PAC Announces Statewide Endorsements

After hearing from candidates for State House Districts 64, 92, 95 and 100, Coastal 150 and Coastal PAC announce their endorsements of Donna Givens (HD 64), Greg White (SH 92), Frances Holk-Jones (HD 95), and Dr. Mark Shirey (HD 100) for Alabama House seats representing coastal Alabama. Coastal 150 and Coastal PAC also announce endorsements for the following coastal delegation incumbents:

  • Brett Easterbrook HD 65

  • Alan Baker HD 66

  • Joe Faust HD 94

  • Matt Simpson HD 96

  • Adline Clarke HD 97

  • Napoleon Bracy HD 98

  • Sam Jones HD 99

  • Chris Pringle HD 101

  • Shane Stringer HD 102

  • Barbara Drummond HD 103

  • Margie Wilcox HD 104

  • Chip Brown HD 105

  • Greg Albritton SD 22

  • Chris Elliot SD 32

  • Vivian Figures SD 33

  • Jack Williams SD 34

  • David Sessions SD 35

“Our members believe these candidates are the right persons to serve our region in the Alabama Legislature. They understand our unique needs and support our shared vision for coastal Alabama. We expect these candidates will represent Coastal Alabama well and look forward to working with them in Montgomery,” says Wiley Blankenship, Executive Director of Coastal 150. “The experience, character and leadership that these candidates offer is what our members believe is necessary to solve the challenges facing our region and our state.”

Additionally, Coastal 150 and Coastal PAC announce support for the following statewide candidates:

  • Governor Kay Ivey

  • Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth

  • AG Steve Marshall

  • Secretary of State Wes Allen

  • Rep. Kyle South HD 16

  • Rep. Anthony Daniels HD 53

  • Rep. Rhett Marques HD 91

  • Rep. Ed Oliver HD 81

  • Rep. Jeff Sorrells HD 87

  • Rep. Rex Reynolds HD 21

  • Rep. Craig Lipscomb HD 30

  • Rep. Paul Lee HD 86

  • Rep. Wes Kitchens HD 27

  • Rep. Jamie Kiel HD 18

  • Rep. Gil Isbell HD 28

  • Rep. Andy Whitt HD 6

  • Rep. Chris Sells HD 90

  • Rep. Rod Scott HD 55

  • Senator Clay Scofield SD 9

  • Senator Greg Reed SD 5

  • Senator Garland Gudger SD 4

  • Senator Clyde Chambliss SD 30

Coastal 150 is a comprehensive group of community leaders who work from a grassroots level to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Alabama Partnership to make coastal Alabama the place to live, work and play along the Gulf Coast. Coastal 150 gives all regional leaders an opportunity to be involved in the development of our coastal region’s bright future.

For more information, visit or contact Wiley Blankenship at


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