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Political Action

Coastal PAC

Coastal 150 members support Coastal PAC, whose purpose is to influence the selection, nomination or election of individuals to various public offices in Alabama. We will support candidates that will enhance the quality of life, economic development, and environment of Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Coastal PAC serves as an added layer of advocacy to enhance local efforts at the state level and to be the PAC of the people, citizens, and businesses of Coastal Alabama. Coastal PAC supports the policy agendas of our regional Chambers of Commerce and economic development organizations, which is formulated through broad-based constituency and represents many challenges unique to coastal Alabama. Coastal PAC supports policymakers that support the interests of coastal Alabama.

Click here to learn more about Coastal PAC. 

In the 2024 Midterm election cycle for Federal, State and local judicial positions, the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) made a formal recommendation of the following leadership and the Coastal PAC approved.

  U.S. Representative 1st District - Congressman Jerry Carl

  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - Sarah Stewart 

  Circuit Court Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit, Place 11 - Vicki Davis

  Alabama Court Criminal of Appeals - Thomas Govan

  Alabama Public Service Commission - Twinkle Cavanaugh

During the 2022 election cycle, the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) made a formal recommendation of the following leadership in the House and Senate. The Coastal PAC approved. 

  Governor Kay Ivey

  Lt Governor Will Ainsworth

  Attorney General Steve Marshall

  Secretary of State Wes Allen

  Senator Clay Scofield – Majority Leader 

  Senator Greg Reed – President Pro Tempore

  Senator Clyde Chambliss –Chairman Confirmations 

  House Minority Leader - Anthony Daniels 


  Senator Garland Gudger 

  Rep. Kyle South  

  Rep. Rhett Marques 

  Rep. Ed Oliver 

  Rep. Jeff Sorrells 

  Rep. Rex Reynolds 

  Rep. Craig Lipscomb 

  Rep. Paul Lee 

  Rep. Wes Kitchens 

  Rep. Jamie Kiel

  Rep. Andy Whitt


All local coastal Alabama delegation members also received support and/or endorsement from the Coastal PAC.

Rep. Adline Clarke

Rep. Napoleon Brady

Rep. Sam Jones

Rep. Mark Shirley

Rep. Chris Pringle

Rep. Shane Stringer

Rep. Barbara Drummond

Rep. Margie Wilcox

Rep. Chip Brown

Sen. Greg Albritton

Sen. Vivian Davis Figures

Sen. Jack Williams

Sen. David Sessions

Rep. Donna Black Givens

Rep. Brett Easterbrook

Rep. Alan Baker

Rep. Frances Holk-Jones

Rep. Matt Simpson

Rep. Chris Sells

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