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Coastal 150 is an exclusive group of community leaders who works from a grassroots level to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Alabama Partnership to make coastal Alabama the place to live, work and play along the Gulf Coast.

Coastal 150 was founded by the board of Coastal Alabama Partnership to re-engage with the leaders who led the efforts to rebuild the coast after the Gulf Oil Spill, to re-ignite the energy built through the Coastal Alabama Leadership Council. Coastal 150 gives all regional leaders an opportunity to be involved in the

development of our coastal region’s bright future.


Coastal 150 is made up of the region's core leaders who support Coastal Alabama Partnership as the catalyst for plans, strategies, programs and advocacy on issues and challenges unique to Coastal Alabama.


The Coastal 150 is made up of regional business leaders committed to supporting Coastal Alabama Partnership’s mission of improving the quality of life in the coastal Alabama region by collaborating on improving infrastructure, education and governmental services.

Coastal 150 was formed to broaden the influence and reach to ensure Coastal Alabama priorities are advanced at home, in Montgomery and around the state.


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