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Latest News on Rebuild Alabama Act

Rebuild Alabama plan: A giant leap for Alabama’s future

Imagine you are driving on a long road trip, and the warning light indicating a low oil level appears on your car’s instrument panel. As a result, you have two choices from which to choose – either pull over at the next exit and spend $5.00 for a quart of oil or keep driving until your engine blows and requires several thousand dollars of replacement costs.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle on gas tax revenue used for Port of Mobile expansion: ‘By helping Mobile, you’re helping Huntsville’

“I think you got to say by helping Mobile, you’re helping Huntsville,” Battle said on Monday’s broadcast of “The Jeff Poor Show.” “We are going to be bringing in or shipping out parts, shipping cars out from the Mazda-Toyota project or from Toyota Motor Manufacturing, as we send them down 65 on those 18-wheelers and they hit the port. If they have the capacity for bigger containerized cargo, it helps their shipping costs be a little less, and it helps us with our balance of trade, where they can actually sell things from Huntsville, Alabama that are sold all over the world.”

Vote on gas tax called ‘close’; Speaker optimistic

“I’m all for it,” Rep Steve McMillan said. “We don’t have any choice. Just ride from Birmingham to Huntsville on the interstate, it’s embarrassing, the potholes and the condition of that pavement. And if I was a prospective industry coming in here to look at this as a potential location and saw that, I think I’d probably keep riding.”

10 cent gas tax increase proposal in Alabama: What you need to know

Alabama’s infrastructure is in need of repair. To cover the cost, Gov. Kay Ivey has proposed a 10-cent-a-gallon gas tax. Here’s what you need to know:

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