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Coastal 150 & GUMBO Support Rebuild Alabama Act

The Rebuild Alabama Act soon to be up for a vote by the Alabama House of Representatives is an immense opportunity for coastal Alabama and the whole state of Alabama. Although this legislation does not solve all of Alabama’s infrastructure needs, it does address a very critical initiative which creates a long-term funding solution to address the state’s infrastructure needs in our state’s roads, bridges and port.

Coastal 150 and GUMBO are made up of the coastal region's core leaders who advocate on issues and challenges unique to coastal Alabama. Both organizations were formed to broaden the influence and reach to ensure coastal Alabama priorities are advanced at home and in Montgomery.

This legislation is a unique catalyst that can address two key issues, specifically the investment in the Alabama Port Authority and fixing our transportation crisis.

The Alabama State Port Authority is one of the largest economic engines for the state, with a $22.4 billion economic impact. According to an economic impact study from the University of Alabama’s Center for Business and Economic Research, the port is responsible for 134,608 direct and indirect jobs in the state, with a direct and indirect tax impact of $486.9 million. Expansion of the channel is vital in maintaining the port’s growth.

Coastal 150 and GUMBO believe we should be investing in the state’s transportation and infrastructure needs that address congestion, transportation improvements and economic development. By investing in the state’s transportation infrastructure, we can repair and fund roads and bridges, waterways, rail and air projects that will facilitate economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability, and improve the overall quality of life for all citizens and businesses in coastal Alabama.

The Rebuild Alabama Act will be the launching point for our Legislative Scorecard to track votes and support on issues that matter to coastal Alabama based off our Legislative Agenda. Make note that we view voting against this legislation as a vote in opposition to the expansion of the Mobile ship channel and a detriment to our region's and state's largest economic driver, the Alabama State Port Authority, and a vote against a long-term solution to improve transportation infrastructure in our region.


Wiley Blankenship Tommy Lee

Executive Director Chairman

Coastal 150 GUMBO

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