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Coastal 150 Endorses Governor Kay Ivey

(MOBILE, Ala.) After meeting with both candidates for Governor Republican Kay Ivey and Democrat Walt Maddox and a thorough evaluation, Coastal Alabama Partnership’s Coastal 150 group announces their endorsement of Kay Ivey for Alabama’s Governor and encourages all Coastal Alabamians to vote in the upcoming general election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

“Our members believe that Governor Ivey is the right person to serve Alabama as Governor. She understands our unique needs and supports our vision for coastal Alabama. We expect that she will represent our interests throughout the state and look forward to working with her in Montgomery,” says Wiley Blankenship, CEO of Coastal Alabama Partnership. “The experience, character and leadership that she brings to the office is what we believe is necessary to solve the challenges facing our state. “

Coastal 150 is an exclusive group of community leaders who work from a grassroots level to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Alabama Partnership to make coastal Alabama the place to live, work and play along the Gulf Coast. Coastal 150 gives all regional leaders an opportunity to be involved in the development of our coastal region’s bright future.

For more information, visit and or contact Wiley Blankenship at


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