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Coastal 150 Announces Candidate Endorsements for 2018 Alabama Legislative Elections

Coastal Alabama Partnership’s Coastal 150 group conducted two Alabama Legislature candidate forums, a Senate Forum on April 2, 2018 and a House Forum on April 9, 2018, both held at Five Rivers Delta Resource Center. Nine Senate candidates and thirteen House candidates participated in the Forums, representing Senate and House Districts impacting the southwest Alabama region.

Prior to the Forums, candidates were invited to complete a policy questionnaire based upon the Coastal Alabama Partnership Regional Legislative Agenda. At the Forums, each candidate was given an opportunity to present to the members. Following the presentations by the candidates, members of Coastal 150 elected to endorse the following candidates:

Senate Candidates

District 22 – Greg Albritton

District 35 – David Sessions

District 33 – Vivian Davis Figures

District 34 – Jack Williams

District 32 – Chris Elliot

House Candidates

District 64 – Harry Shiver

District 66 – Alan Baker

District 68 – Thomas Jackson

District 94 – Joe Faust

District 95 – Steve McMillan

District 96 – Matt Simpson

District 97 – Stephen McNair

District 98 – Napoleon Bracy

District 100 – Victor Gaston

District 101 – Chris Pringle

District 102 – Willie Gray

District 103 – Barbara Drummond

District 104 – Margie Wilcox District 105 – Chip Brown

Coastal 150 is an exclusive group of community leaders who work from a grassroots level to the highest levels of government to further the mission of Coastal Alabama Partnership to make coastal Alabama the place to live, work and play along the Gulf Coast. Coastal 150 gives all regional leaders an opportunity to be involved in the development of our coastal region’s bright future. For more information, contact Wiley Blankenship at

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