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VOTE JULY 17, 2018




Our members believe that Mr. Marshall is the right person to serve Alabama as Attorney General. He understands our unique needs and supports our vision for coastal Alabama. We expect that he will represent our interests throughout the state and look forward to working with him in Montgomery. 

The experience, character and leadership that he brings to the office is what we believe is necessary to solve the challenges facing our state.


During his time as AG, Marshall has been an asset to the Coastal Alabama business community. This includes protecting our regions consumers, defending Alabama laws, and pursuing the interests of Coastal Alabama beyond the state’s boarder.


Steve Marshall has been willing to fight Federal overreach of taken during the Obama Administration and has worked with other AG’s and the current administration to roll these burdensome rules back.


Marshall believes cracking down on government corruption is crucial for public confidence and the welfare of the state through Economic Development. He has worked to bring more transparency to government by building on the Alabama Ethics Act.


As a District Attorney in Marshall County, Steve has a reputation of fighting violent crime and as AG spearheaded an initiative to reclaim neighborhoods from increasing violent crime.

VOTE JULY 17, 2018

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